The first (53Mn/55Mn) isotopic ratio measurements at the Cologne FNTandem Accelerator

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Title:Main Title: The first (53Mn/55Mn) isotopic ratio measurements at the Cologne FNTandem Accelerator
Description:Abstract: A new accelerator mass spectrometer was successfully designed for the Cologne FN accelerator to enlarge the measurement capability of CologneAMS to medium mass radionuclides. With this AMS-system (53Mn/55Mn) isotopic ratios are measurable at a 10 MV tandem accelerator in the range of 10^9 to 10^10 for the first time, with a detection limit of CL = 5.0 × 10^-12. A high 53Cr suppression in the (53Mn/55Mn) isotopic ratio measurement was achieved by using the optimal silicon nitride degrader foil thickness in combination with an electrostatic analyzer (ESA). The new system opens the field of research for CologneAMS users to the medium mass region of cosmogenic nuclides, like 53Mn for geological applications of long term erosion, exposure and burial dating and 60Fe for nuclear astrophysical models. The presented definition of an error normalized sensitivity Sx allows an inter laboratory comparison of isotopic ratio measurements.
Identifier:10.1016/j.nimb.2018.09.029 (DOI)
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Creators:Markus Schiffer (Author), Richard Spanier (Author), Claus Müller-Gatermann (Author), Susan Herb (Author), Claus Patrick Feuerstein (Author), Gereon Hackenberg (Author), Stefan Heinze (Author), Alexander Stolz (Author), Alfred Dewald (Author), Steven Binnie (Author)
Publication Year:2019
CRC1211 Topic:Dating
Related Subproject:D1
Subjects:Keywords: Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy, Cosmogenic Nuclides
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Source:Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
Number of Pages:6 (87 - 92)
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