Biogeography and evolution of the Atacama genus Cristaria (Malvaceae)

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Title:Main Title: Biogeography and evolution of the Atacama genus Cristaria (Malvaceae)
Description:Abstract: The Atacama Desert, located on the western side of the Andes in northern Chile, harbours a range of endemic species adapted to hyperarid conditions. Vegetationis largely restricted to coastal fog oases and the Andean foothills, which are separated by a largely vegetation-free zone. Diversifications have been shown to be surprisingly recent in some Atacama clades, which is at odds with the extremely long history of aridity documented for this region. Here, we report the results of a molecular dating analysis of the Atacama genus Cristaria (Malvaceae) and its East Andean sister genus Lecanophora based on plastid sequence data.
Identifier:10.5880/CRC1211DB.21 (DOI)
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Creators:Tim Böhnert (Author), Felix F. Merklinger (Author), Alexandra Stoll (Author), Maximilian Weigend (Author), Dietmar Quandt (Author), Federico Luebert (Author)
Publisher:CRC1211 Database (CRC1211DB)
Publication Year:2019
CRC1211 Topic:Biology
Related Subproject:B1
Subjects:Keywords: Biogeography, Molecular Biology
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Presenter:Tim Böhnert
Presentation Date:9th of January, 2019
Presentation Type:Poster
Event:9th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society
Event Type:Conference
Event Location:Malaga, Spain
Event Duration:8th of January, 2019 - 12th of January, 2019
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