Cluster and Project Sections of the CRC1211

This section lists the Cluster Groups of the CRC1211 with the corresponding project sections. By selecting a project section, you will receive a list of all availabe datasets in the CRC1211DB related to the choosen project section.

A A1 - Modern and past climate: Investigation of atmospheric water supply to the Atacama desert (Chile) from combined in-situ and satellite remote sensing
A2 - Paleoclimate Proxies: Miocene to Recent Precipitation History of the Atacama Desert
A3 - Aeolian transport: Statistical-Dynamical Modelling of Aeolian Processes in the Atacama Desert over Geological Time Scales and Their Implications to Life in Dry Limit
B B1 - Biogeographic history of plant communities
B2 - Molecular typology of insects: flightless desert beetles (Hexapoda, Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) and silverfish (Hexapoda, Zygentoma) for an estimation of the isolation and stability of microhabitats in the Atacama desert (Chile)
B3 - Protists: Protists associated to endemic animals and plants and ancient sediments
B4 - Bacteria: Dispersal and activity of microorganisms in the Atacama desert
B5 - Soils as archive of life
B7 -
C C2 - Transport and Deposition: Deciphering the Quaternary evolution of the coastal alluvial fans between 19° and 25° S – the interplay between climatic, tectonic and eustatic control
C3 - Hillslope processes
C4 - Gypsum desert & atmospheric deposition
C5 - Tectonic geomorphology: Adaptation of drainage to tectonic forcing
C7 -
D D1 - Cosmogenic nuclides: dating of old continental sediments in arid enviroments
D2 - Dating of Evaporites
D3 - Stable isotopes: Development of a paleohumidity proxy from oxygen isotopes in lattice water
D4 - Tracing organic carbon and life at the dry limit
D5 - OSL Dating
D7 -
Z Z1 - Administration and Coordination
Z2 - Data management and spatial data analysis
Z3 - Ground based observations and experiments
Z4 - Analytical services