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AA1 Modern and past climate: Investigation of atmospheric water supply to the Atacama desert (Chile) from combined in-situ and satellite remote sensing
A2 Paleoclimate Proxies: Miocene to Recent Precipitation History of the Atacama Desert
A3 Aeolian transport: Statistical-Dynamical Modelling of Aeolian Processes in the Atacama Desert over Geological Time Scales and Their Implications to Life in Dry Limit
A4 Land‐ocean coupling between the Humboldt Current System and Atacama palaeoclimate in the Neogene
BB1 Biogeographic history of plant communities
B2 Molecular typology of insects: flightless desert beetles (Hexapoda, Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) and silverfish (Hexapoda, Zygentoma) for an estimation of the isolation and stability of microhabitats in the Atacama desert (Chile)
B3 Protists: Protists associated to endemic animals and plants and ancient sediments
B4 Bacteria: Dispersal and activity of microorganisms in the Atacama desert
B5 Soils as archive of life
B6 Earth‐life evolution on short time scales
B7 Desert transcriptomics: assessing the genetic basis of adaptation to aridity in desert dwellers
B8 Comparative diversity and evolutionary age of desert nematode communities
CC2 Transport and Deposition: Deciphering the Quaternary evolution of the coastal alluvial fans between 19° and 25° S – the interplay between climatic, tectonic and eustatic control
C3 Hillslope processes
C4 Gypsum desert & atmospheric deposition
C5 Tectonic geomorphology: Adaptation of drainage to tectonic forcing
C7 Modelling the co-evolution of life and landform
C8 Hyper-arid landscapes in transition
C9 The mutual interrelation of microbial communities with evaporites and soil crusts in the Atacama Desert
DD1 Cosmogenic nuclides: dating of old Continental sediments in arid enviroments
D2 Dating of Evaporites
D3 Stable isotopes: Development of a paleohumidity proxy from oxygen isotopes in lattice water
D4 Tracing organic carbon and life at the dry limit
D5 OSL Dating
D6 A Tephrostratigraphic Framework for the Atacama Desert and its Application on Different Sedimentary Archives
D7 Geophysical imaging of subsurface properties and magnetostratigraphy of sedimentary records
ZZ1 Administration and Coordination
Z2 Data management and spatial data analysis
Z3 Ground based observations and experiments
Z4 Analytical services
Z5 Integrated Research Training Group