Tephra Sampling Sites

This page lists all collection sites listed in the Tephata system. Click on a site to view the full available metadata.

Title Identifer Description Samples
19MEJ910273/GF1211L-3YAsh layer in alluvial fan west of Mejillones.1
ARC10273/GF1211L-3TEast alluvial margin of Quebrada de Arcas.1
Asche 410273/GF1211L--4Dry valley N of PAG claypan1
ATA19-02310273/GF1211L-3EIgnimbrite deposits north of Laguna del Huasco.1
AVN-00210273/GF1211L-3-Alluvial plain outcrop in Quebrada Chimborazo.1
C2-TEP-0410273/GF1211L--XChannel incision in alluvial deposits, north-west of Catina hill, Guataconda Map.1
C2-TEP-0510273/GF1211L--YIncised valley south of Quebrada Guatacondo, southern end of the Guatacondo geological map. Ca.1
CH22-NL-T110273/GF1211L--Cm-thick tephra deposit in alluvial fan. 200-300 m lateral extend.1
CH22-NL-T210273/GF1211L--EMassive tephra deposits within alluvial fan, truncated by a channel.1
CH22-NL-T310273/GF1211L--FRoadcut outcrop of tephra layer incorporated in alluvial fan deposits.2
CH22-NL-T4610273/GF1211L-3MHillslope west of Pintados.1
CHU10273/GF1211L-33Fault scarp within the Chuculay fault system.1
CHU-110273/GF1211L-34Quebrada Chug Chug1
CHU-210273/GF1211L-37Badlands next to Quebrada Chug Chug and site CHU-11
CON-110273/GF1211L--9Los Condores (sector E alluvial margin)1
EL Rincon10273/GF1211L-4-Stratigraphic profile W of Mejillones.2
ESQ-110273/GF1211L--APaso Borax of Loa river.1
GSQ-02710273/GF1211L-3NFluvial terrace to the northern border of Rio Loa.1
GSQ-0810273/GF1211L--HAlluvial deposits and terraces (2nd of 4) W of Salar Grande1
GSQ-15810273/GF1211L--JAlluvial deposits Cono de Hilaricos Hill1
GSQ-5310273/GF1211L--KAlluvial deposits E of Salar Grande.1
GSV-13210273/GF1211L-3KFault scarp east of Salar Grande.1
HU18-001/00210273/GF1211L-47Channel cutting into the Alto Hospicio gravels.2
IA-1110273/GF1211L--LOficina Victoria, Cuadrángulo Sierra Lagunas, 5 km directly S of Cerro Tetas.1
IA-12010273/GF1211L--MOficina Victoria, Cuadrángulo Sierra Lagunas, 7 km W from Perdido.1
IA-16210273/GF1211L--NAlluvial deposits1
IR22-00110273/GF1211L--RIgnimbrite deposits on Pampa Irruputuncu1
IR22-0110273/GF1211L-39Upper member of ignimbrite deposits within the pampa east of Irruputuncu1
IRRU-1310273/GF1211L-3WNorthern flank of Irruputuncu.1
IRU-1a10273/GF1211L-3XSlope northwest of Irruputuncu.1
L810273/GF1211L--7Alluvial fan1
PAG10273/GF1211L--3Drill site of the PAG 17 cores.4
PAG17.2 00810273/GF1211L-43Outcrop in drainage of PAG-claypan, next to PAG18/001.1
PAG17/00110273/GF1211L--TAlluvial deposits1
PAG18/00110273/GF1211L--UOutcrop in drainage of PAG-claypan.1
PAG18/00210273/GF1211L-3UHillslope ca 1.5 east of the PAG claypan.1
PAG18/00310273/GF1211L-3VHillslope ca 1.5 km east of the PAG claypan.1
POR 310273/GF1211L-3FSmall-volume sub-plinian ignimbrite located in the valley towards the south of Porquesa dome.1
QP10273/GF1211L-3RQuebrada Palape2
Quebrada Ancha10273/GF1211L--WChannel outcrop in Quebrada Ancha east of open-pit mine.1
Quebrada Tiburón - Section A10273/GF1211L-49Marine sedimentary deposits at Quebrada Tiburón, several sections (A, B, C1, C2, D) represent a major exposure of the Bahía Inglesa Formation c. 40 km south of its type area in the Caldera Basin.2
RL North10273/GF1211L-3PNorth of Rio Loa1
SALAR10273/GF1211L-3L7 m thick clastic hillslope deposits west of Salar Grande9
Salar de Uyuni - C198610273/GF1211L-3HBorehole 10 km N of Incahuasi in central part of Salar de Uyuni.1
Salar de Uyuni - C199910273/GF1211L-3JBorehole in central portion of the Salar de Uyuni, c. 13 km west of Isla Incahuasi.1
SMS-15d10273/GF1211L--VChannel outcrop in Sierra Morena.1
T310273/GF1211L-3CTrench (T3) dug in sediment lobe along the northern Chuculay Fault.1
TA-7-810273/GF1211L-3AWest of Cerro Tambillo Alto, Quebrada Tambillo section crossing Lomas de la Sal. Lower Soledad Formation.2
TOC14/00110273/GF1211L--PPit north of Tocopilla.1