Tephra Sampling Sites

This page lists all collection sites listed in the Tephata system. Click on a site to view the full available metadata.

Title Identifer Description Samples
Asche 410273/GF1211L--4Dry valley N of PAG claypan1
CH22-NL-T110273/GF1211L--Cm-thick tephra deposit in alluvial fan. 200-300 m lateral extend.1
CH22-NL-T210273/GF1211L--EMassive tephra deposits within alluvial fan, truncated by a channel.1
CH22-NL-T310273/GF1211L--FRoadcut outcrop of tephra layer incorporated in alluvial fan deposits.2
CON-110273/GF1211L--9Los Condores (sector E alluvial margin)1
ESQ-110273/GF1211L--APaso Borax of Loa river.1
GSQ-0810273/GF1211L--HAlluvial deposits and terraces (2nd of 4) W of Salar Grande1
GSQ-15810273/GF1211L--JAlluvial deposits Cono de Hilaricos Hill1
GSQ-5310273/GF1211L--KAlluvial deposits E of Salar Grande.1
IA-1110273/GF1211L--LOficina Victoria, CuadrĂ¡ngulo Sierra Lagunas, 5 km directly S of Cerro Tetas.1
IA-12010273/GF1211L--MOficina Victoria, CuadrĂ¡ngulo Sierra Lagunas, 7 km W from Perdido.1
IA-16210273/GF1211L--NAlluvial deposits1
L810273/GF1211L--7Alluvial fan1
PAG10273/GF1211L--3Drill site of the PAG 17 cores.1