Site "SALAR"

This page lists all information for this site, as well as all samples that where collected there.

Site Details
Description:7 m thick clastic hillslope deposits west of Salar Grande
Location:(-20.9977, -70.027169)
Location Type:Alluvial fan
Site Type:Artifical outcrop
Section Thickness:7 m
Comment:A detailed description of the site can be found in Medialdea et al., 2020. Medialdea, A., May, S. M., Brill, D., King, G., Ritter, B., Wennrich, V., Bartz, M., Zander, A., Kuiper, K., Hurtado, S., Hoffmeister, D., Schulte, P., Gröbner, M., Opitz, S., Brückner, H., and Bubenzer, O., 2020: Identification of humid periods in the Atacama Desert through hillslope activity established by infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) dating. Global and Planetary Change, 185, 103086,