Site "T3"

This page lists all information for this site, as well as all samples that where collected there.

Site Details
Description:Trench (T3) dug in sediment lobe along the northern Chuculay Fault.
Location:(-21.089619, -69.942425)
Location Type:Alluvial fan
Site Type:Trench
Section Thickness:140 cm
Comment:See May, S. M., Meine, L., Hoffmeister, D., Brill, D., Medialdea, A., Wennrich, V., Gröbner, M., Schulte, P., Steininger, F., Deprez, M., de Kock, T., and Bubenzer, O., 2020: Origin and timing of past hillslope activity in the hyper-arid core of the Atacama Desert – The formation of fine sediment lobes along the Chuculay Fault System, Northern Chile. Global and Planetary Change, 184, 103057, for detailed description of trench. Note that the Site Location was adjusted to data given in May et al., 2020.