Site "Salar de Uyuni - C1999"

This page lists all information for this site, as well as all samples that where collected there.

Site Details
Description:Borehole in central portion of the Salar de Uyuni, c. 13 km west of Isla Incahuasi.
Location:(-20.2495, -67.5005)
Location Type:Basin
Site Type:Drill site
Section Thickness:220.6 m
Comment:For a detailed site description see Fritz, S. C., Baker, P. A., Lowenstein, T. K., Seltzer, G. O., Rigsby, C. A., Dwyer, G. S., Tapia, P. M., Arnold, K. K., Ku, T.-L., and Luo, S., 2004: Hydrologic variation during the last 170,000 years in the southern hemisphere tropics of South America. Quaternary Research, 61, 95-104,