All CRC1211DB instrument parameters

aerosol backscatter
air pressure
air Temperature
Boundary Layer classification
correlation length of vertical wind speed
dielectric permittitvity
downwelling longwave radiation (IRdn)
downwelling longwave radiation (terrestrial radiation)
downwelling shortwave radiation (solar radiation)
Genotyping by sequencing GBS
Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS)
global radiation
induced voltage
Induced Voltage (normalised)
integrated water vapor
leaf wetness
Liquid water path (LWP)
mean of vertical velocity
Mixing layer height
rain rate
reflected radiation
reflected solar radiation (upwelling shortwave radiation)
relative Humidity
Skewness of vertical wind speed
solar radiation (downwlling shortwave radiation)
standard deviation of vertical wind speed
turbulence coupling
upwelling longwave radiation
upwelling longwave radiation (terrestrial radiation)
upwelling shortwave radiation (reflected solar radiation)
volume water content
wind direction
wind speed