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Felix F. Merklinger (Member of B1)

University of Bonn
Nees Institut for Biodiversity of Plants
Meckenheimer Allee 170
53115 Bonn, Germany

Phone: 0049228733038

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[188] - Sample locations and GBS output files for analysing the population genomics of Tillandsia landbeckii
Data - view metadataKeyword(s): Population Genetics, Ecology of Plants, Evolution, BiodiversityData - view metadata
Creator(s): F. F. Merklinger Y. Zheng F. Luebert D. Harpke T. Böhnert A. Stoll M. Koch F. R. Blattner T. Wiehe D. Quandt no additional description
Metadata Creator: F. F. . Merklinger     Metadata Date: 2019-10-25 16:12:29     CRC1211 Topic: BiologyData - download dataset