Mixing layer height April 2018 from remote sensing at Iquique

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Title:Main Title: Mixing layer height April 2018 from remote sensing at Iquique
Description:Abstract: Mixing layer height and profiles of turbulence parameters for April 2018 from Doppler Wind Lidar installed at Iquique airport between March 2018 and March 2019. Mixing layer height is first height where standard deviation of vertical velocity variance drops below a certain threshold (see Schween et al 2014). Turbulence parameters of vertical wind speed like mean, standard deviation, skewness etc. are derived from vertical stare measurements by applying every 5minutes an gliding average of 30min length.
Responsible Party
Creator:Jan Schween (Author)
Publisher:CRC1211 Database (CRC1211DB)
Publication Year:2019
CRC1211 Topic:Climate
Related Subproject:A1
Subjects:Keywords: Meteorology, Remote Sensing, LiDAR
Geogr. Information Topic:Climatology/Meteorology/Atmosphere
File Details
Data Type:Dataset - Dataset
File Size:5.4 MB
Date:Created: 25.06.2019
Mime Type:application/zip
Data Format:NetCDF (classic)
Status:In Process
Download Permission:Only Project Members
General Access and Use Conditions:According to the CRC1211DB data policy agreement.
Access Limitations:According to the CRC1211DB data policy agreement.
Licence:[CRC1211DB] Data policy agreement
Specific Information - Data
Temporal Extent:01.04.2018, 13:09:00 - 30.04.2018, 13:10:00
Lineage:Vertical stare measurements deliver vertical wind speed as a function of time (every 1sec) and height (every 30min). Every 5minutes a gliding average of 30minute length delivers turbulence parameters like mean, standard deviation, skewness etc. Values are corrected for noise by the method described in Lenschow et al (1999). Mixing layer height is the first height where standard deviation drops below a certain threshold, or reliable signals end or cloud is present (see Schween et al 2014).
Subtype:Natural Science Data
Instrument:Doppler Wind Lidar [Streamline XR]
Metadata Details
Metadata Creator:Jan Schween
Metadata Created:18.12.2019
Metadata Last Updated:18.12.2019
Funding Phase:1
Metadata Language:English
Metadata Version:V50
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