The genetic factors of bilaterian evolution

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Title:Main Title: The genetic factors of bilaterian evolution
Description:Abstract: The Cambrian explosion was a unique animal radiation ~540 million years ago that produced the full range of body plans across bilaterians. The genetic mechanisms underlying these events are unknown, leaving a fundamental question in evolutionary biology unanswered. Using large-scale comparative genomics and advanced orthology evaluation techniques, we identified 157 bilaterian-specific genes. They include the entire Nodal pathway, a key regulator of mesoderm development and left-right axis specification; components for nervous system development, including a suite of G-protein-coupled receptors that control physiology and behaviour, the Robo-Slit midline repulsion system, and the neurotrophin signalling system; a high number of zinc finger transcription factors; and novel factors that previously escaped attention. Contradicting the current view, our study reveals that genes with bilaterian origin are robustly associated with key features in extant bilaterians, suggesting a causal relationship.
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Creators:Peter Heger (Author), Wen Zheng (Author), Anna Rottmann (Author), Kirsten A Panfilio (Author), Thomas Wiehe (Author)
Publication Year:2020
CRC1211 Topic:Biology
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Subjects:Keywords: Evolution, Data Management
Geogr. Information Topic:Biota
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