The Role of Moisture Conveyor Belts for Precipitation in the Atacama Desert

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Title:Main Title: The Role of Moisture Conveyor Belts for Precipitation in the Atacama Desert
Description:Abstract: In the hyperarid Atacama Desert in northern Chile, rare precipitation events can leave long-lasting geomorphological traces and have strong impacts on biota. While moisture conveyor belts (MCBs) and atmospheric rivers (ARs) have been associated with extreme precipitation in semiarid regions, their role for the Atacama Desert has not been previously investigated. This study reveals that about four MCBs per year make landfall in the Atacama Desert. According to simulated precipitation, 40–80% of the total precipitation between the coast and the Andean foothills is associated with MCBs. A case study reveals an elevated moisture transport decoupled from the maritime boundary layer, which is generalized by a composite analysis. Back trajectories reveal the Amazon Basin as the main source of moisture. MCB landfall times are derived from the AR catalog by Guan and Waliser (2015), Implications of the results on paleoclimate reconstructions are discussed.
Identifiers:10.1029/2021GL094372 (DOI) (URL)
Citation Advice:Böhm, C., Reyers, M., Knarr, L., & Crewell, S. (2021). The role of moisture conveyor belts for precipitation in the Atacama Desert. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL094372.
Responsible Party
Creators:Christoph Böhm (Author), Mark Reyers (Author), Leon Knarr (Author), Susanne Crewell (Author)
Funding Reference:Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG): CRC 1211: Earth - Evolution at the Dry Limit
Publisher:American Geophysical Union
Publication Year:2021
CRC1211 Topic:Climate
Related Subproject:A1
Subject:Keyword: Meteorology
Geogr. Information Topic:Climatology/Meteorology/Atmosphere
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Available: 22.12.2021
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Publication Status:Published
Review Status:Peer reviewed
Publication Type:Article
Article Type:Journal
Source:Geophysical Research Letters
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Number of Pages:10 (1 - 10)
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