Impact of CaSO4‑rich soil on Miocene surface preservation and Quaternary sinuous to meandering channel forms in the hyperarid Atacama Desert

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Title:Main Title: Impact of CaSO4‑rich soil on Miocene surface preservation and Quaternary sinuous to meandering channel forms in the hyperarid Atacama Desert
Description:Abstract: The Atacama Desert is the driest and oldest desert on Earth. Despite the abundance evidence for long-term landscape stability, there are subtle signs of localised fluvial erosion and deposition since the onset of hyperaridity in the rock record. In the dry core of the Atacama Desert, pluvial episodes allowed antecedent drainage to incise into uplifting fault scarps, which in turn generated sinuous to meandering channels. Incision of ancient alluvial fan surfaces occurred during intermittent fluvial periods, albeit without signs of surface erosion. Fluvial incision during predominantly hyperarid climate periods is evident from these channels in unconsolidated alluvium. The absence of dense vegetation to provide bank stability and strength led us to investigate the potential role of regionally ubiquitous CaSO4-rich surface cover. This has enabled the preservation of Miocene surfaces and we hypothesize that it provided the required bank stability by adding strength to the upper decimetre to meter of incised alluvium to allow high sinuosity of stream channels to form during pluvial episodes in the Quaternary.
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Creators:Benedikt Ritter (Author), Julia Diederich (Author), Steven Binnie (Author), Finlay Stuart (Author), Volker Wennrich (Author), Andreas Bolten (Author), Tibor Dunai (Author)
Publisher:Nature Scientific Reports
Publication Year:2022
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Subject:Keyword: Cosmogenic Nuclides
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