Implementation of an EA-IRMS-GIS system to CologneAMS

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Title:Main Title: Implementation of an EA-IRMS-GIS system to CologneAMS
Description:Other: As part of the CRC1211 project "Earth - Evolution at the dry limit" 14C dating analysis is asked for soil samples from the Atacama desert, resulting in ultra-small samples with a carbon content of 2-20µg. The ultra-small-scale AMS 14C analysis will be used for the determination of ages of organic compounds isolated from the desert soils. For this reason a new elemental analyser (EA) and an isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) have been coupled to the 6MV AMS system of CologneAMS. The EA oxidises solid samples and measures the nitrogen and carbon content. For the measurement of δ13C and δ15N the sample is transported to the IRMS. The EA-IRMS has been set up with a direct connection to the existing gas injection system (GIS) and has been implemented into the software which is controlling the measurements. In this way it is possible to measure quasi-simultaneously the 14C concentration with the 6MV AMS system and the δ13C value with the IRMS. We will investigate whether this new set-up will enable improved fractionation correction which are used in the 14C data evaluation. This will increase the measurement accuracy and therefore will contribute to solve dating problems in different archives of the desert.
Citation Advice:Stefan Heinze, Markus Schiffer, Alexander Stolz, Carlo Baddeliyanage, Elisa Chopan, Gereon Hackenberg, Devin Hymers, Timm-Florian Pabst, Tom Sittig, Alfred Dewald, and Dennis Mücher
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Creator:Martina Gwozdz (Owner)
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Publication Year:2023
CRC1211 Topic:Dating
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Event Duration:6th of March, 2023 - 12th of May, 2023
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