Biogeography, autecology, and phylogeny of Percolomonads based on newly described species

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Title:Main Title: Biogeography, autecology, and phylogeny of Percolomonads based on newly described species
Description:Abstract: Percolomonads (Heterolobosea) are aquatic heterotrophic flagellates frequently found in saline waters up to hypersaline environments. We isolated and cultivated seven strains of percolomonad flagellates from marine waters and sediments as well as from a hypersaline inland lake in the Atacama Desert. Morphological characterizations, comprising light and scanning electron microscopy, revealed only slight differences between the strains mainly limited to the cell shape, length of flagella, and length of the ventral feeding groove. Phylogenetic analyses of the 18S and 28S rDNA genes showed the formation of three fully supported clades within the Percolomonadida: the Percolomonadidae, the Barbeliidae fam. nov. and the Lulaidae fam. nov. We describe two new families (Barbeliidae fam. nov., Lulaidae fam. nov.), a new genus (Nonamonas gen. nov.), and five new species (Percolomonas adaptabilis sp. nov., Lula levis sp. nov., Barbelia pacifica sp. nov., Nonamonas montiensis gen. et sp. nov., Nonamonas santamariensis gen. et sp. nov.). Salinity experiments showed that P. adaptabilis sp. nov. from the Atlantic was better adapted to high salinities than all other investigated strains. Moreover, comparisons of our cultivation-based approach with environmental sequencing studies showed that P. adaptabilis sp. nov. seems to be globally distributed in marine surface waters while other species seem to be more locally restricted.
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Creators:Manon Hohlfeld (Author), Alexandra Schönle (Author), Frank Nitsche (Author), Hartmut Arndt (Principal Investigator), Claudia Meyer (Author)
Publication Year:2022
CRC1211 Topic:Biology
Related Subproject:B2
Subjects:Keywords: Biodiversity, Molecular Biology
Geogr. Information Topic:Biota
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Publication Status:Accepted
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Publication Type:Article
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Source:Journal of Eukariotic Microbiology
Number of Pages:19 (1 - 19)
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