Cafeteria in extreme environments: Investigations on C. burkhardae and three new species from the Atacama Desert and the deep ocean

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Title:Main Title: Cafeteria in extreme environments: Investigations on C. burkhardae and three new species from the Atacama Desert and the deep ocean
Description:Abstract: The heterotrophic nanoflagellate genus Cafeteria has been found to be ubiquitously distributed in the marine realm. We could isolate and cultivate ten strains morphologically similar to Cafeteria from various types of environment, including the deep sea, brackish waters and also meso- to hypersaline inland waters. Molecular analyses (18S rDNA, 28S rDNA) of newly isolated strains from the marine realm resulted in four more Cafeteria burkhardae strains from the deep North Atlantic Ocean and one new species (C. baltica sp. nov.) isolated from brackish waters of the Baltic Sea. Two strains isolated from the Atacama Desert belong to two new species (C. atacamiensis sp. nov. and C. paulosalfera sp. nov.), one other strain could not yet be assigned. Morphological characterizations of these strains obtained by high resolution microscopy revealed only small differences to already described species. However, molecular analyses showed a clear separation of the different Cafeteria species. We exposed several strains to different salt concentrations (2–150 PSU) to investigate their salinity tolerance. Only the marine strains of C. burkhardae were able to survive at salinities up to 150 PSU, indicating the possibility to inhabit a broader spectrum of habitats including hypersaline environments besides the deep sea with its high hydrostatic pressure
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Creators:Manon Hohlfeld (Author), Alexandra Schönle (Author), Frank Nitsche (Author), Hartmut Arndt (Principal Investigator), Alexandra Rybarski (Author), Maria Sachs (Author)
Publication Year:2022
CRC1211 Topic:Biology
Related Subproject:B2
Subjects:Keywords: Biodiversity, Molecular Biology
Geogr. Information Topic:Biota
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Publication Status:Accepted
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Source:European Journal of Protistology
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