High molecular diversity in the functional group of small bacterivorous non-scaled chrysomonad flagellates

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Title:Main Title: High molecular diversity in the functional group of small bacterivorous non-scaled chrysomonad flagellates
Description:Abstract: “Spumella”-like flagellates describes similar or even indiscernible colourless non-scaled chrysophytes which are important bacterivores common in different aquatic ecosystems. Recently, phylogenetic analyses revealed a high taxonomic diversity of these flagellates leading to the description of several new genera and species. Our present work on the functional group of pelagic bacterivorous chrysomonads from different water bodies resulted in an extended taxonomic analysis among chryso- phytes unveiling yet undescribed genera and species pointing to the high hidden diversity of bacterivores in the pelagial of freshwaters. On the basis of phylogenetic analyses, we describe four new genera Atacamaspumella, Chlorospumella, Pseu- dapoikia, and Vivaspumella and a new species of the recently described genus Poteriospumella. Beside this, we redescribe the species Ochromonas vasocystis Doflein, 1923 to Poteriospumella vasocystis comb. nov. substantiated on the high sequence similarity with Poteriospumella lacustris Boenigk et Findenig and Poteriospumella maldiviensis nov. sp.
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Creators:Hartmut Arndt (Principal Investigator), Tobias Pietsch (Author), Frank Nitsche (Author)
Publication Year:2022
CRC1211 Topic:Biology
Related Subproject:B2
Subjects:Keywords: Biodiversity, Molecular Biology
Geogr. Information Topic:Biota
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Date:Accepted: 21.08.2022
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Publication Status:Accepted
Review Status:Peer reviewed
Publication Type:Article
Article Type:Journal
Source:European Journal of Protistology
Number of Pages:14 (1 - 14)
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