Fault database of the Northern Chile forearc between 18°50’S and 19°45’S

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Title:Main Title: Fault database of the Northern Chile forearc between 18°50’S and 19°45’S
Description:Abstract: The knowledge about the distribution of active faults is crucial for hazard assessment (Costa et al., 2020; Santibáñez et al., 2019; Wesnousky, 1986) but also provides insights into tectonic control on hydrological processes (Binnie et al., 2020; Jeffery et al., 2013; Pan et al., 2013) or georesource distribution (Goldsworthy & Jackson, 2000; Viguier et al., 2018). Furthermore, tectonically driven topographic uplift and its impact on climate (Armijo et al., 2015; Houston & Hartley, 2003; Rech et al., 2019; Zhisheng et al., 2001) can be better understood if a systematically mapped fault database exists. Here we present an active fault database, as well as the distribution of drainages, for an area between 18.50°S and 19.45°S in Northern Chile forearc, which were systematically mapped in the framework of the project “Cluster C05-Tectonic Geomorphology: Adaptation of drainage to tectonic forcing” of the CRC1211- Earth Evolution at the Dry Limit. The Central Andes forearc at this latitude is located at a highly tectonically active convergent margin and hosts major earthquakes not only on the plate boundary itself (e.g., Métois et al., 2016), but also in the overriding crust (e.g., Comte et al., 1999). It comprises, from west to east, the Coastal Cordillera, Longitudinal Valley and the Western Flank of the Altiplano, showing an impressive amount of topographic variability of ca. 4000 m. Nevertheless, Neogene crustal tectonic structures and surface deformation are poorly documented. The overall landscape appears as a gentle west-sloping pediplain dissected by deep transversal canyons (quebradas), which reach the current Pacific Ocean (Mortimer, 1980). The Longitudinal Valley is a sedimentary basin filled with 432 to 2000 m of Tertiary to Quaternary deposits derived from the Altiplano in the east as well as the Coastal Cordillera in the west (García et al., 2017). Its surface is composed by a multiphase planation surface called the Pacific Paleosurface (PPS), which distribution is suggested to be controlled by crustal tectonics (Evenstar et al., 2017). Depending on the low ratio of tectonic displacement rate to sedimentation rate, many active faults are hidden and only a specialized approach of high-resolution fault mapping, together with a morphometric analysis of the drainage pattern provides systematic information about the distribution of active faults, folds and related structures. The present fault database is the result of creating a comprehensive catalogue of faults classified by the age of last proven/probable tectonic activity. This is accompanied by a compilation of existing age data and a map of drainage pattern. These datasets were compiled in QGIS 3.16.5 (https://www.qgis.org) and are available as. gpkg for GIS applications and as .kml formats to be visualized in Google Earth.
Related Resource:Is Identical To Dataset https://doi.org/10.5880/GFZ.4.1.2023.007 (DOI)
Responsible Party
Creators:Ambrosio Vega-Ruiz (Author), Vanessa Steinritz (Author), Pia Victor (Principal Investigator)
Contributors:Ricardo Aguilera (Other), Klaus Reicherter (Researcher), Steven Binnie (Project Leader)
Publisher:CRC1211 Database (CRC1211DB)
Publication Year:2023
CRC1211 Topic:Surface
Related Subproject:C5
Subjects:Keywords: Terrestrial Observation, Geomorphology, Neotectonics , Tectonics , Geochronology, Quaternary Geology, Dating
Geogr. Information Topic:Geoscientific Information
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Date:Submitted: 24.10.2023
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Temporal Extent:07.12.2021 - 27.07.2023
Subtype:Geospatial Data
Initiative Type:Study
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Metadata Creator:Ambrosio Vega Ruiz
Metadata Created:24.10.2023
Metadata Last Updated:24.10.2023
Funding Phase:2
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