Testing the applicability of standardised growth curves (SGC) for chemically heterogeneous single-grain feldspars from the Atacama Desert, Chile

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Title:Main Title: Testing the applicability of standardised growth curves (SGC) for chemically heterogeneous single-grain feldspars from the Atacama Desert, Chile
Description:Abstract: The Atacama Desert is generally considered the driest non-polar desert on Earth and is therefore an ideal study area for exploring the water and biota free endmember of Earth’s Critical Zone (ECZ). Single grain (SG) luminescence dating has successfully identified processes in the ECZ. However, SG luminescence dating of Atacama Desert feldspars is challenging and time consuming since only a small fraction of grains emits sufficient luminescence and their potassium (K) contents, needed for internal dose rate calculations, are highly variable. Here we present an adaption of the standardised growth curve (SGC) method adjusted to the conditions of Atacama Desert sediments and a correlation of single-grain geochemistry and luminescence properties. To evaluate if SGCs are suitable for our study site and to determine the influence of the K-content on our luminescence age calculations, we used a set of five samples from the Atacama Desert and five chemically and structurally different feldspar sediment extracts from various geological origins worldwide. We performed a dose recovery test (DRT) using a post-infrared infrared stimulated luminescence (pIRIR) protocol and measured nine major element concentrations, including K, on a single grain level using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). The DRT dataset was then used to test the application of SGCs. The accuracy of Atacama feldspar pIRIR measurements fitted onto SGCs frequently suffers from outliers in single measurement cycles. We investigate the influence of calculating a synthetic regenerative signal (sR) for SGC fitting, to reduce the effect of outliers on individual grain measurements. Furthermore, we reduced the regenerative cycles (rc) used for our sR approach, to test if shorter protocols would result in equivalent dose (De) estimates in agreement with longer protocols. We then calculated Spearman rank correlations between the results obtained with our modified SGC and the SAR protocol, luminescence signal intensities, and the geochemical dataset. Finally, we present a new method of fitting data onto a SGC which significantly decreases measurement time, without risking the inclusion of outliers. We furthermore show that the luminescence signal intensities, the De values and their dose recovery ratios obtained with our SGC method and a SAR protocol, are independent of the sample geochemistry.
Identifier:https://doi.org/10.31223/X5MM53 (DOI)
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Creators:Linda Maßon (Author), Svenja Riedesel (Author), Anja Zander (Author), Mariana Sontag-González (Author), Tony Reimann (Author)
Publication Year:2023
CRC1211 Topic:Dating
Related Subproject:C8
Subject:Keyword: Luminescence Dating
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Source:Quaternary Geochronology
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