Spatio-temporal patterns of alluvial deposition at the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

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Title:Main Title: Spatio-temporal patterns of alluvial deposition at the Skeleton Coast of Namibia
Description:Abstract: The timing and spatial extent of alluvial deposition and the processes causing post-depositional alterations of alluvial landforms are governed by a variety of environmental factors, which can be summarised in the domains of climate and tectonics. The significance and magnitude of the individual factors in shaping topography can depend on the spatial and/or temporal scales being considered, often blurring an interpretation of the sediment successions as climate archives. In contrast, landscapes situated in tectonically quiescent environments may host valuable climate archives, in particular in long-term (hyper-)arid settings. Such conditions can help to preserve alluvial landforms indicative for climate-controlled pulses of sediment aggradation. The (hyper-)arid Skeleton Coast of Namibia generally appears to provide such conditions, including the climate-controlled presence of a dune belt affecting oceanward sediment transport. Many alluvial deposits have been studied in detail in this region, but analyses largely focused on sedimentological and/or morphometric characteristics, while fewer attempts were made to date these landforms. Consequently, the region is still lacking a spatially extensive geochronological framework necessary to relate alluvial deposition dynamics to climatic fluctuations during the Quaternary. Here, we present first results of a combined approach investigating landform ages inferred from optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and cosmogenic 10Be data. In alluvial deposits located to the east of the dune belt, we find OSL ages to reflect Holocene sediment accumulation, while surfaces are dated to the Middle Pleistocene, as inferred from 10Be concentrations. Middle Pleistocene (~100-500 ka) 10Be ages are also obtained for other alluvial surfaces sampled in the vicinity of the erg, potentially reflecting the impact of orbital forcing on topography formation. An exception makes alluvial sediments sampled in the coastal Uniabmond area (~20.2°S). These sediments have OSL ages ranging ~20-40 ka and minimum 10Be ages of ~20-30 ka, likely reflecting Last Glacial Maximum-related aggradation at the Skeleton Coast.
Responsible Party
Creators:Joel Mohren (Author), Janek Walk (Author), Dominik Brill (Author), Julian Krieger (Author), Wolfgang Römer (Author), Alicia Medialdea (Author), Anna Nguno (Author), Frank Lehmkuhl (Author)
Funding Reference:Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG): CRC 1211: Earth - Evolution at the Dry Limit
Publisher:CRC1211 Database (CRC1211DB)
Publication Year:2023
CRC1211 Topic:Surface
Related Subproject:C2
Subjects:Keywords: Cosmogenic Radionuclides, Geochronology, Arid Zone, Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, Luminescence Dating
Geogr. Information Topic:Environment
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Date:Created: 05.10.2023
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Specific Information - Presentation
Presenter:Joel Mohren
Presentation Date:6th of October, 2023
Presentation Type:Talk
Event:DGGM Meeting 2023
Event Type:Conference
Event Location:RWTH Aachen University
Event Duration:4th of October, 2023 - 6th of October, 2023
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Metadata Created:16.11.2023
Metadata Last Updated:16.11.2023
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