Adhesion theory and model for air humidity impact on dust emission

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Title:Main Title: Adhesion theory and model for air humidity impact on dust emission
Description:Abstract: It has been suggested that air humidity influences dust emission under very dry conditions and adhesion might be the responsible process which changes the binding between soil particles. The process of adhesion is so far poorly understood and difficult to quantify. Here, a critical examination of the relevant studies is provided, and an adhesion model is proposed. Both isothermal-kinematic and diffusion processes can limit the soil liquid–water and water–vapor exchange in soil, but for the particle size range concerned in aeolian studies, diffusion appears to be the limiting process. The model shows that soil moisture in the topsoil layers is positively correlated with air humidity, but with delays of several hours. The model performance is influenced by several parameters but is particularly sensitive to the equilibrium soil water–vapor content. This implies that soil microscopic properties can strongly influence adhesion. A new formulation of soil water retention function covering the entire soil moisture range is also proposed, which links soil water retention function and pore size distribution. Using a relationship between soil particle-size and pore-size distributions, an adhesion-affected grain size can be estimated, which defines the upper size limit of soil particles influenced by soil moisture. This study explains how air humidity influences soil moisture through adhesion and dust emission and why low air humidity promotes the emission of finer dust particles.
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Creator:Yaping Shao (Author)
Publication Year:2024
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Subject:Keyword: Humidity
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