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Lab ID:GSQ-53d
Comment:The top is in contact with massive anhydrite, which 'displaces' light brownish silt. The contact is irregular and it appears that the tephra is enclosed by the anhydrite. The anhydrite is interbedded with fine clast-supported sand composed of 'anhydrite clasts'. Below the tephra there is anhydrite or dark brown to reddish silt with apparent organic matter. In some places the tephra is interbedded with sand and contains less biotite than when it is interbedded with anhydrite. Where biotite is abundant it is 0.2-1 mm in size. All lithologies are halite cemented. The tephra is between 3, 4 and 9 cm thick.
Responsible Party
Creator:Andrés Quezada (
Contributors:Project Leader: Volker Wennrich (, Researcher: Niklas Leicher (
Collection Details
Collection Site:GSQ-53
Sample Collection Method:Manual>Hammer
Sample Collection Date:11.03.2015
Sampling Method:Unknown
Analysis Details
Subsample Count:2
Subsample Info:1 subsample for geochemical analyses 1 subsample for zircon dating --> but zircons too few and small for (U-Th)/He dating
Major/Minor Element Analysis Method:EPMA-WDS, glass
Trace Element Analysis Method:LA-ICP-MS, glass
Isotope Analysis Method:None
Dating Method:40Ar/39Ar, Biotite