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Lab ID:IA-11
Comment:The remaining material can be found in the border of a drainage. It can be seen in the satellite image to the east of the sample. Thickness is decimetric. The ash filled a drainage cHannel when it deposited. That´s why we find it at the margins of the drainage channels. Sometimes it is cemented in the external face forming a hard crust. It appears not to be reworked.
Responsible Party
Creator:Andrés Quezada (
Contributors:Project Leader: Volker Wennrich (, Researcher: Niklas Leicher (
Collection Details
Collection Site:IA-11
Sample Collection Method:Manual>Hammer
Sample Collection Date:30.11.2011
Sampling Method:Random sample
Analysis Details
Lab Split Amount:2
Lab Split Info:1 sample for geochemical analysis 1 sample for zircon (U-Th)/He dating (but zircon crystals were too few and too small)
Major/Minor Element Analysis Method:EPMA-WDS, glass
Trace Element Analysis Method:LA-ICP-MS, glass
Isotope Analysis Method:None
Dating Method:40Ar/39Ar, Biotite