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Lab ID:2/3/5/2
Comment:One extended 60 cm primary ash layer, the lithified bed contains 1.5 cm brown concretions; upper part partially reworked; zircons too small for U-Th/He dating. Also known as sample CC157 from Mapa Tocopilla y Maria Elena, SERNAGEOMIN.
Responsible Party
Creator:Christoph Breitkreuz (cbreit@geo.tu-freiberg.dee)
Contributors:Project Manager: Volker Wennrich (, Researcher: Niklas Leicher (
Collection Details
Collection Site:L8
Sample Collection Method:Manual
Sample Collection Date:01.01.2013
Sampling Method:Unknown
Analysis Details
Subsample Info:shared material by C. Breitkreuz
Major/Minor Element Analysis Method:EPMA-WDS, glass
Trace Element Analysis Method:LA-ICP-MS, glass
Isotope Analysis Method:None
Dating Method:None