Metadata Overview for Tephra "CH22-NL-T3-1"

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Lab ID:CH22-NL-T3-1
Comment:Most likely same tephra as L14 in Breitkreuz et al., 2014.
Responsible Party
Creator:Niklas Leicher (
Collection Details
Collection Site:CH22-NL-T3
Sample Collection Method:Manual
Sample Collection Date:28.09.2022
Sampling Method:Channel through entire stratum or layer
Analysis Details
Subsample Info:several m lateral extended layer in varying thickness; in entire roadcut 10-40 cm thickness, not 100% pure tephra material some mixture with clasts cm thickness, sharp bottom contact, top with incorporated alluvial deposits.
Major/Minor Element Analysis Method:None
Trace Element Analysis Method:None
Isotope Analysis Method:None
Dating Method:None