[20] - Meteorological and soil measurements of the permanent master weather station 13 - Cerros de Calate, Chile

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Hoffmeister, D., 2017. Meteorological and soil measurements of the permanent master weather station 13 - Cerros de Calate, Chile. CRC1211 Database (CRC1211DB). DOI: 10.5880/CRC1211DB.4.
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Title(s):Main Title: Meteorological and soil measurements of the permanent master weather station 13 - Cerros de Calate, Chile
Description(s):Abstract: This data link summarizes all meteorological and soil measurements of the permanent master weather station "13- Cerros de Calate" in the Atacama desert in Chile. Master stations are equipped with further soil and radiations sensors, as well as temperature, humidity and wind sensors in a height of 4 m. The measurement site is located in the central transect of the research regions at the Rio Loa Canyon and the Cerros de Calate. Recent data are available on the weather station website section (https://www.crc1211db.uni-koeln.de/wd/index.php). Additionaly, detailed information about the station configuration and mounted sensors is given at this website section. The data of this station is collected every hour by a GOES satellite uplink provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (U.S. Department of Commerce) and this station also collects data of station 12 by radio-based communication. In addition, data stored in the station is acquired on a regular time basis, as documented in the section stated above. Please contact the contributor for all further details. Yearly datasets are additionally stored in this CRC1211-DB.
Identifier(s):DOI: 10.5880/CRC1211DB.4
Relation(s):Is Part Of: URL: https://www.crc1211db.uni-koeln.de/wd/index.php, related data type: Collection
Is Part Of: DOI: 10.5880/CRC1211DB.1, related data type: Collection
Has Part: URL: https://www.crc1211db.uni-koeln.de/data.php?dataID=33, related data type: Collection
Responsible Party
Creator(s):Custodian: Dirk Hoffmeister
Contributor(s):Researcher: Jan Schween
Researcher: Matthias May
Related Person: Marcel Possoch
Related Person: Lennart Meine
Related Person: Marie Gröbner
Related Person: Florian Steininger
Related Person: Dennis Wolf
Funding Reference(s):Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG): CRC 1211: Earth - Evolution at the Dry Limit
Publisher:CRC1211 Database (CRC1211DB)
CRC1211 Topic:Climate
Related Sub-project(s):Z2, Z3
Subject(s):CRC1211 Keywords: Terrestrial Observation, Meteorology
DDC: 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology
GEMET Inspire Spatial Data Theme: Environmental monitoring facilities, Atmospheric conditions
GEMET: weather monitoring, air temperature, atmospheric humidity, radiation
Topic Category:ClimatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
File Details
File Name:CRC1211_climateStation_13_metadata
Data Type:Dataset
Date(s):Created: 2017-03-01
Data Format:ASCII
Status:In Process
Download Permission:Free
Download Information:To access the data, please use the database access at the weather data section of this site (https://www.crc1211db.uni-koeln.de/wd/index.php). This site contains all weather station data and metadata (e.g. pictures of every visit, changes on sensors and running code). Please contact the contributor for all further details. Yearly datasets are additionally stored in this CRC1211-DB.
General Access and Use Conditions:Please cite as suggested.
Access Limitations:no limitations
Licence:Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Intern. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
Measurement Region:Central focus area
Measurement Location:--Central focus area--
Specific Informations - Data
Temporal Extent:2017/03/01 - 2020/06/30
Lineage:This is the raw and uncontrolled data of the station. Only known errors, e.g. calibration coefficient errors, are corrected.
1. Instrument:datalogger [CR1000]
2. Instrument:Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor [HC2S3]
3. Instrument:Wind speed and direction [05103]
4. Instrument:Barometric Pressure Sensor [CS106]
5. Instrument:Infrared Remote Temperature Sensor [IR120]
6. Instrument:Water Content Reflectometer [CS616]
7. Instrument:Leaf wetness sensor [1]
8. Instrument:Pyranometer [CS300]
9. Instrument:Rain Gauge [52203]
10. Instrument:Net radiometer [NR01-L]
11. Instrument:Soil heat flux plate [HFP01-L]
12. Instrument:Soil temperature profiler [CS230]
13. Instrument:trail camera [UV585]
Metadata Details
Metadata Creator:Dirk Hoffmeister
Metadata Created:2018-05-15
Metadata Last Updated:2018-05-31
Funding Phase:1
Metadata Language:English
Metadata Version:V42
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