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Citation:Merklinger, Felix F.; Zheng, Yichen; Luebert, Federico; Harpke, Doerte; Böhnert, Tim; Stoll, Alexandra; Koch, Marcus; Blattner, Frank R; Wiehe, Thomas; Quandt, Dietmar (2019): Sample locations and GBS output files for analysing the population genomics of Tillandsia landbeckii. CRC1211 Database (CRC1211DB). DOI: 10.5880/CRC1211DB.27
Title(s):Main Title: Sample locations and GBS output files for analysing the population genomics of Tillandsia landbeckii
Description(s):Abstract: This dataset contains the Ipyrad output file in vcf format from a genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) analysis of 21 populations of Tillandsia landbeckii (307 individuals) from the Atacama Desert between Caldera and Arica. The variant call format (vcf) file is accompanied by a Tillandsia_stats.txt file as part of the output, listing the Ipyrad assembly details. Further, a Tillandsia_GBS_summary.txt file is included with geographic locations of all populations. Sequence reads for the GBS Illumina runs were deposited in the European Nucleotide Archive under the study accession PRJEB35036.
Funding(s):Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/Earth - Evolution at the Dry Limit, CRC 1211
Subject(s):CRC1211 Keywords: Population Genetics, Ecology of Plants, Evolution, Biodiversity
ISO Topic Category: Biota
Date(s):Date Submitted: 2019-10-23
Resource Type:Dataset
Size(s):13 Datasets
Licence:CRC1211DB Data policy agreement
North:-no map data
Measurement Region:Chile
Measurement Location:--Chile--
Contact:Felix F. Merklinger

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